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Alhera ~ Deeply Devoted Amadan Fae Blessings of Luck & Happiness Await!

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Up for your consideration today is a sweet and caring female Amadan Faery. To have her in your life is a true blessing! The one offered is a level 7 female named Alhera.


In her true form she is a small and delicate fae with pale skin, short red hair and dark green eyes. She is kind, caring, and deeply devoted to her keeper.


Her best means of communication are through emotions, pendulum, telepathy and meditation.


She will bring to you blessings of luck. She will work to attract only good things and will push the bad & harmful from your life.


Some of the many blessings that she will bring to you include, but are not limited to: good luck, uplift in mood, increased energy, boosted confidence, refreshed outlook, calming of tempers, easing of stress, attraction of friends, dispellment of negative influences, wealth, success and prosperity.


Your new Amadan fae will have a gentle nature and you will notice that she enjoys spending her free time with you giving you warm and happy feelings. She is very loving and is excellent with children and pets. She would make a great spirit for an older child or for an adult who needs a uplift!


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