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Affordable 1X Full Coven Casting For Good Luck and Positive Cash Flow!



This is one of our spell cast basics and is also one of our most popular...This is a offering for one small polished stone that has a full coven spell to boost the possessors luck and cash flow...While this is not the strongest good luck spell we offer it is successful and is the most affordable...It's perfect for anyone who needs a boost in good luck!

This is a white arts spell cast polished stone that creates good luck, increase in cash flow and success.

Due the super low price we are not offering direct castings.

Simple to use! Just let it warm to your touch while envision good luck and good fortune. Then place it in the bag we send it in and carry it with you. It's suggested you handle it for a short amount of time each day for the first 30 to 60 days.

I will send on small polished stone that may vary in color. I will also send one storage bag as well as simple instructions.

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