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Advanced Telepathy Spell - In-depth Communication With Spirits and Entities


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Today I offer the telepathy spell.

This is a our most powerful 3X cast full coven telepathy spell. 

This version has the success rate in creating strong telepathic connections to spirits and entities.

Wearing this amulet will first cleanse any negative energy that may be creating a communication block. Once this hindering energy is removed the path to clearer telepathy will be a easy one. The spell will then safely open your mind so that you will become a nature with telepathy.

In time you can even hold in-depth conversations with your spirits and entities.

Having a good telepathy connection with your spirits/entities is important for bonding, to receive much needed advice, warnings and developing a good relationship with your spirits/entities. This bead will make sure that they can use their natural abilities in the clearest of ways. This is especially true for spirits/entities who give winning advice and make psychic predictions. You can now help them get their messages across.

This is a safe spell that will not force your inner eye open. It moves at a pace you are ready for and grows with your new telepathic abilities.

We used a lovely silver pendant with rhinestones. It's under 3" in size and in excellent condition.

Please let me know if you have any questions

Thank you for looking!