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Adorable, Lovable, and Magickal Baby Werepuppies! Young But Still Very Magickal!

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I have several young werewolves seeking loving keepers and here is your chance you take one into your life. 

Due to high demand and limited time we are no longer offering direct bindings on our young or babies entities.

All these young ones need is time and love. They need a keeper who is willing to guide them and show them what love is. If you feel this is you then I have the perfect baby for you! Each has been worked, each is lovable, able, completely adorable and magickal.

This is your chance to be the keeper of a young but remarkably magickal werewolf who will make a wonderful magickal companion! 

I have both males and females who seek their forever keepers. For those who are new to the werewolf here is a little info that may help you decide if you wish to possess one... A werewolf is a blessed spirit to its keeper and makes a wonderful family spirit due to his/her gentle nature. Werewolves have been a feared spirit due to Hollywood and their inaccurate movies of them. However they are spirits of positivity and only a few lucky humans have the honor to possess one. 

They are full of magick, honor and love when it comes to the person they serve. They keep a positive flow of wonderful energy around you. They are extremely personable and enjoy interaction with people. They also enjoy other well meaning animals and are capable of building a very strong bond with them. 

They each possess the gift of animal telepathy and they can share these thoughts with you. The keeper of a Werewolf will find they become more in tune with all animals. Some keepers have even experienced animal like senses or have a telepathic connection to animals. 

A Werewolf is a shape shifting spirit that appears as a human or a large wolf. For centuries they have been honored guardians to magickal and non magickal people alike. 

Their rare magick is shared with their keeper. 

Once your bond is sealed your mind will be one with your werewolf. Your werewolf can increase you senses and empower you in all areas of life. They are fierce guardians and will give their all to see you are safe. 

Your new baby werewolf is a bonding spirit and I will send a simple ritual to his/her keeper. If named I will send you their name and other basic info. 

If you have any questions please feel free to email me. 

Your young werewolf spirit will come to you in a lovely bead. The bead will vary depending on what were pup you take in. 

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