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54,128 Ancient Imperial Rainbow Dragon - Female Possesses Vast Magickal Abilities - Including Good Luck, Luxury, and Wealth

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Today we offer the perfect Dragon..She is an Honored Ancient Imperial Rainbow Dragon who commands well over 1000 dragons.

Everything about her is ideal...She is kind, wise, and has an outstanding success rate with her magickal abilities...She may be the life changer you have been hoping for!

She will please even the pickiest of keepers.

In true form she is a stunning dragon that is a mix of beautiful bright colors...She has large blue eyes and a slight muscular build. You may her manifest as a brightly colored orbs, mists, shadows, and hear whistling sounds.

Wherever you want in life, what you wish for, what you desire can soon be yours.

She will bring his keeper...

She can bring you money, love, a positive balance, psychic/medium abilities, removal of negativity, cleansing of the home and aura.

She is also able to repair any damage done to your aura. She can make your aura as perfect as it was the day you were born.

While she is magickal she is also loving and will be a remarkable companion who will love you always.

She will remove all things negative and cleanse your home. Once cleansed you feel better, have more energy and have better spirit communication skills.

You will see that love will take the place of frustration and hate. Luck will be with you everywhere. Find luck in the work place, in love, in friendship, and even in casinos.

She can communicate by emotions, visions, telepathy, dreams, and a pendulum.

His current vessel is a lovely ring that is a size 10 and in good condition.

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