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15,015 Year Old Princess Orange Dragon Dragon Of Prosperity and Wealth! Samhain Conjured - Commander Of Gold and Red

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Today we are excited to offer a Samhain 2016 Conjured Princess Orange Dragon.

She is a determined and magickal force who is easy to work with. All the magick she has sent out goes out with unique Samhain energy. She has been extremely successful and is also extremely generous. 


In true from she is a  stunning sparkling orange dragon with reddish orange points...She has stunning golden eyes and large wings. She will most often manifest as shadows, warm or cool spots, and herbal or floral scents.

She has a court of over 300 Orange Dragons, Western Red and Western Gold...They bring their own special blessings to their Princess's keeper, especially wealth.  

About the Orange Dragon...


Orange dragons are the rare hybrid of the coveted Red Dragon and the supremely powerful Gold Dragon.


This Hybrid is a powerhouse of magick and will bring diverse blessings into their keeper’s life!


They will do all their keeper asks...Their determination, devotion, and success place them far above others. 


They will grant any wish you have and help make all of your dreams come true! They are very powerful and talented with success and wealth wishes. She works with white magick only so you can rest assured knowing that everything they do is safe and completely karma free. All of their magickal castings are done with care and stay within the natural balance. 


The Orange Dragon is a bringer of safe and easy personal gain. They can bring wealth and prosperity to you in a variety of forms including but not limited to career promotion, business success, lotto winnings, high returns on investments, removal of debt and more! 


You will also be gifted with the power of persuasion and have influence over the thoughts and emotions of others. You can use this gift in anyway that you see fit! Some examples of how this gift may be utilized include but are not limited to attracting the attention of a potential lover, planting ideas into the minds of others, conducting psychic attacks on enemies, convincing your superiors at work to give you a promotion, pushing negative thoughts about you from others’ minds, and even going as far as to change someone’s opinion!  


They safely removes all obstacles that stand in your way whether they were created by you or someone else. 


Your new Orange Dragon is a gifted caster of spells… With their superior magick they can bring you wealth, power, love, youth, seduction, personal gain, luck, prosperity, justice, lucid dreams, psychic blessings and more!


She can communicate by emotions, visions, telepathy, dreams, during meditation, and a pendulum. 


If you have any questions please email me.


Her current vessel is a pendant with a silver colored dragon encasing it.

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