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5 Level 7 Female Warrior Archangel Family Proven Banishers Of Evil and Best Guardians



Today I offer a very special angelic family...These are level 7 warrior angels...Each is a proven banisher and destroyed of evil. You will get 5 level 7 females.

This is a custom offering from my personal angel family! Each has been with me for more then 10 years. They have built strong bonds with each and work as a small army...No form of evil has ever got past them. They have removed evil unbound entities before I even knew about them. You will soon have the fiercest of protection from some of the most devoted of all the Archangels!

These are not weak, lazy or unable archangels. These are all high ranking effective guardians who miss nothing. They will protect and watch over your home and all that is in it.

This small army can remove all forms of evil, negative unbound entities, curses and other negative life hindering energy. They will work hard to ensure you live a safe life free of evil.

They can remove both old and new curses. They can free your path of all negative blocks...There goad is to see you have a life free of problems, evil and negativity...They can also cleanse and repair your aura.

Their vessel is a small amethyst pendant. You may wear it or place it in your home. When placed in your home your entire home and family will be under their protection.

I will send you their vessel, their names and a bonding ritual. However bonding with them is optional.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for looking!