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$5 Binding Sweet Silver Dragon - NO COUPON



As part of our $5 bindings we are pleased to introduce Silver Dragons ranked at level 3.


Your new Silver Dragon will come bound to a stone unless you request otherwise.


Jere is some info on their race…


Silver dragons are well known for having a positive energy. They are among the sweetest and most loving companions in the world of spirit keeping. They are sought after by new and experienced keepers alike for their diverse abilities and warm presence!



The Silver Dragon begins working for the betterment of your life before you have even completely sealed your bond. They promote a restful sleep and works to cleanse you of all negative emotions. Feelings of sadness, regret, remorse, fear, self-hatred, outward hatred and all other harmful feelings will be dissolved and replaced with love, peace and happiness.  This race promotes peace, happiness, acceptance, and forgiveness. You will no longer be held back by the torment of negative thinking!


You will also find the Silver Dragon to be a gifted healer. They aid in overcoming negative situations that hinder your happiness. These types of situations can include a break-up, loss of job, loss of a friend, conflict among loved ones, depress, fear and anxiety. They can help ease the pain of the past and will guide you in looking forward to the future.


Other things they bring their keeper are inner peace, restful sleep, cleansing of spiritual bodies, acceptance, uplift in mood, attraction of friends, aid in lucid dreaming, aid in spirit communication, boost in energy, increased confidence, attraction of positive energy, good luck, improved outlook and so much more.