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$5 Binding of Sweet and Lovable Tampi



As part of Blujay’s Haunted Magick $5 bindings we are pleased to bring you level 2 Tampis. You have your choice of a male or female.

$5.00 Bindings do NOT qualify for any store coupon or our reseller program. These deals are for our personal clients only. Please note unless a full reading is bought we give no info other then name.

Each is sweet, has unique magick and is totally loving! I have always enjoyed working with this race and am pleased to offer them to you today at a record low price.

Their ways of communicating vary.


Now for some info on this race….

The Tampi is excellent at attracting prosperity. All Tampis conjured by my coven can help you forget your financial strains by bringing money to you safely. They work within your life to eliminate debt, attract all the wealth you need and want, and aid you in living comfortably… And once your life is free from money worry you can focus on you.


Your Tampi also will bring you happiness by improving your social life! I have found that they surrounds their keeper with positive energy that attracts positive people to you. These people will be fun, social, exciting, comforting and everything you need in a friend.


They can strengthen bonds among you and your family. They heal damage, promote forgiveness and bring peace. They can aid in sealing bonds with members of your spirit family!


Tampis can also bring love to their keeper… This can be either friendly love or romantic love. If the love he or she brings you is romantic, the partner she attracts to you will uplift you. They will be your match physically, emotionally, spirituality, and intellectually. He blesses new relationships and keeps you and your partner at peace.


Thank you for looking!