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8.658 Steel Dragon - Hybrid Dragon Silver and Blue - Brings Friends, Popularity, Life Balance, Youth - Ivy's Collection

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Today I am very excited to offer a wonderful Steel Dragon from Sister Ivy's personal collection.

He has been working with Ivy for 25 years...Experience like his cannot be conjured! He has mastered our realm and knows how to brings results.

He is the perfect mix of the Silver and Blue Dragons...He is also kind, easy to work with and very attentive. 

In true form he is a large yet graceful steel colored dragon with silver eyes. He will most often manifest as white orbs, shadows, and a glowing mist.
Steel dragons are the Hybrid offspring of a blue and a silver dragon, he has only the best qualities of both of his parents! 

Much like a silver dragon he provides an instant uplift of mood for his keeper. He works hard to keep his keeper happy and does so by removing negative energy and replacing it with positive energy. He helps ease tensions and will keep you calm.... He is perfect for the high stressed individual who needs help relaxing! 

A Steel dragon not only offers himself as a companion but will attract friends and make sure you have only positive people surrounding you. 
This hybrid has many attributes from his Blue Dragon Heritage as well..... From his Blue parent he has the ability aid you in casting powerful spells and even cast spells on your behalf. He will make all spell work you do, or have others do for you manifest much faster than before and he will even increase your power! 

The magickal blessings that he will bring to you include but are not limited to; providing balance in all aspects of your life, granting wishes and desires, gifting you with youthful energy, helping gain confidence, and giving you intense dreams about the past and future. He promotes lucid dreaming and is a banisher of nightmares.

One of the strongest abilities is to manipulate the thoughts of those around you.... If you want someone to think something, he will make it so! He can also aid you in seeing through people's lies and sensing their true thoughts. 

You will gain a fierce guardian and a loyal companion who will never cease bestowing you with blessings. 

His best means of communication are through telepathy, visions, during meditation, and emotions.

His current vessel is a lovely purple pendant.

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