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3X New Spell! Spell to Remember Your Dreams



Note...For a short while we will not be offering direct castings on certain items. 

Offered to you today is a spell that my coven and I are pleased to offer you.


While we offer many spells that relate to sleep and dreams, this is the first spell we offer that helps you remember your dreams.


Remembering your dreams may seem like such a simple thing, but often it is difficult and can be frustrating when you are unable to. This spell helps your most important dreams stay in your mind so that you can reflect on them during waking hours!


In dreams, we astral travel, have one of a kind experiences, and even receive messages & visits from our spirits. Unfortunately, we often forget these dreams. This spell will help you remember dreams you have that are important or useful to you.


These spells are currently cast on a bead that will vary in color. Protection Status