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3X Full Coven Casting Forgiveness Spell - Find Inner Peace and Make Peace With Others

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Sometimes in life when someone has hurt us, we do not wish for vengeance or to get back. We merely want to be able to forgive the person has harmed us and move on with our lives. Today my coven and I offer a white arts spell that will help you do this.


This spell helps to alleviate anger, it dispels any hate, regret, pain or anger you may have towards any person or even yourself.


This spell may help you come to peace with any even that has happened in your life. You will be able to move the thing that has caused you pain out of your mind, allowing you to make room for happier emotions.


You will not necessarily forget the person that needs forgiveness, but you will find that they cross your mind less and when your thoughts turn to them, it is no longer painful. Now you will be able to remember the happy times you have experienced, you will no longer be tainted by negative events!


If you have been hurt by someone close to you; a love, friend, or relative; this spell will help you forgive them so that you can continue on with your relationship.


If you have been hurt by someone from your past, someone that you no longer associate with, but are still scarred by the way the treated you this spell will help you make peace with that situation. This allows you to move on with your life and focus on your current relationships and goals.


And perhaps most importantly this spell can help you forgive yourself. If you have done something you regret, needlessly hurt someone or any number of things this white arts spell will help you find inner peace and forgive yourself.


Guilt, anger, regret and hate can hinder us more than anything. This spell cleanses you of these things allowing for a flow of positive energy.


This spell was cast on a lovely silver colored bead with rhinestones. May differ slightly from the one pictured.


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