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3X Cast Money Pyramid Money Candle - Full Coven Casting For Max Results


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Up for your consideration is a new 3X candle that has been spelled to bring the possessor great luck, money and success.

This is the most advanced money drawing candle will have ever offered.

Each candle is made with care and spelled by us for the best success. This simple to use candle only needs to be lit...While it burns see your life as you wish it be...See money coming into your life and picture your money worries gone. This particular candle is made to bring the user money, money and more money. It is handmade for money and then has a full coven 3X cast money drawing spell cast upon it. 

You may burn it daily for a all-around improved cash flow or you can save it and only burn it right before you need good luck.

Things this candle will do is remove any and all negative energy that is hindering your success. Things that will follow are a better job, good luck and success. You can find peace and happiness in money matters...New doors to success will be opened!

Offered is a simple yet effective way to make your finances flow in a positive manner.

The candle is dark green color and shaped like a pyramid. Please know the color may vary from the photo.

If you have any questions I am here and happy to help.