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3X Cast Age Reversal Spell With Love and Passion Spells Added


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Newly cast and alive with energy...This is a full moon,  3X cast spell that will being about the changes you have been dreaming about!

Using the full moon we channle the perfect power and energy and cast some of our most powerful spells ever.

This amulet will bless the wearer with...
Age Reversal
Finding Love
Renewing Love
Igniting Passion
Attracting Other
Sex Appeal
The Ability To Please Lovers

If you are not 100% happy with how you look or your love life then this amulet can turn the tide of events for you. The magick will cleanse away life hindering negative energy that can keep love from blossoming. The magick will then pull only the good to you and it will keep away the negative that has been holding you back from true happiness...This is a BluJay Magick Original 

The world and all it's negatives will not longer to against you. Happiness can take the place of sadness...Stress can turn into relaxation...True love can be yours, it can be strong and can be forever. 

This spell was cast to quick working and to have a excellent success rate. You do not have to wear the pendant 24/7. Many people have had great success with saving them and wearing them on a special occasion. For the first 30 days I do suggest handling them daily or carrying them with you. I will send a storage bag.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at 

The pendant is a amethyst with a golden colored cap and matching recharging chain...It's beautiful and looks amazing on.

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