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3X Amenhotep's Egyptian Spell of the Gods For a Perfect Life - Most Powerful, Most Effective For Love, Power, Money Delicate Solitaire Amulet


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Today my coven is pleased to bring you a truly unique offering. This spell was created by our dear friend Amenhotep, a gifted Egyptian spell caster. Amenhotep is gifted when it comes to even the rarest forms of Egyptian Magick. My coven and I are so honored that he has allowed us to bring his offerings to you! Amenhotep is named after a Pharaoh of ancient times so please do not confuse the two.

This spell was created by harness the energies of the most influential Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. They have channeled their magick into this amulet and now untold gifts and blessings shall be yours. This is a blujay magick original spell and is not offered on ebay

The blessings that this spell can bestow upon you includes but is not limited to





Mind Control


Strengthening of Weak Points Life



Ability to Communicate With the Dead

Insight into Afterlife

Sharpening of the Mind

Aid in Spirit Communication

Minor Healing Success

Problem Solving Vengeance

And more!

This is a do-it-all spell that has the ability to completely change your life for the better. If you find yourself needing a positive edge in life this is the spell for you. 

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

The amulet is a a stunning and nicely made pendant that will come with the recharging chain pictured.

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