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37,077 Year Old Imperial Glacier Dragon From Lily's Personal Collection - Hybrid Race Commands Over 1000 Black, White, and Glaciers

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Today we offer an Imperial Glacier Dragon from Lily's personal collection...He by Lily 17 years ago...He has always been a success!

He commands well over 1000 dragons, including the royals. Being a Hybrid gives him a rather vast court that consists of White Dragons, Black Dragons, and Hybrid Glacier Dragons...He is the most most experienced and powerful of his race we have or ever will offer.

In true form he is a stunning white and black dragon with a muscular body and kind dark doe eyes. He can often be seen as shimmering white orbs, mists, and floral scents. His new keeper may feel cool spots or hear him make faint chirping sounds.

He is dual with his magick so he can cast powerful DA, WA and GA spells...He will cast any spell for you and use your preferred magick color. Lily prefers DA spells so he has years of experience but he will follow his new keeper's path and wishes. 

He is a respectful, kind, and dedicated entity who will earn his place beside you. 

What he offers...Being a hybrid  gives him a diverse range of abilities that are life altering! He can help his keeper with, spell casting, enhancing physical beauty, find keeper love, bring massive success, good luck, opportunity, vengeance to those deserving, bad luck to enemies, elemental magick,  and control of enemies.

His protection magick is perfect...He can sense evil before you know it's there...He will not be defeated. 

Being a spell casting race is a highly coveted ability...Bring an Imperial means he can call fourth the most powerful members of his court to form a coven so even more success. 

He can communicate through pendulum, telepathy, emotions, dreams and visions during meditation.

Please email me if you have any questions.

His current vessel is a stunning silver colored ring with an array of  colorful stones. It's a size 6 1/2 and in excellent condition.

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