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34,255 Imperial Brass Dragon - 70 Years Serving My Family!

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Today I offer you extremely rare Imperial Brass Dragon! We have been offering our items on line since 2006 and he is the first of his level we have ever offered. Conjured by my Grandma 70 years ago gives him vast experience!

He is 34,255 years old and is a large muscular dragon with shimmering brass scales. He will often manifest as colorful orbs and shadows.

He commands over 1200 Dragons, including royals.

A Brass Dragon is a dragon of the white arts. They are very very powerful...So powerful they put many other dragons to shame!

The abilities they bless their keeper with are many.

They give their keeper power in many forms. One of my favorites is the power of suggestion. If things are not going your way or someone is being stubborn with once sentence you will see that most people start to see things your way.

You will gain control over others which can help better your life in a number of ways. Including job promotions, love issues and complete control over enemies.

You will become a natural attractant of good people. Soon you can become popular, make new friends, meet your soul mate, meet new lovers, meet new people in high places and restore relationships lost.

If you suffer from lack of sleep the Brass dragon can help you sleep better, deeper and even have better dreams.

He communicates best by telepathy, emotions, visions and through meditation.

If you have any questions please feel free to send me an email.

His current vessel is a bead.

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