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30,025 Year Old Honored Anicent Queen Padrium Dragon From Voodoo Clerie's Personal Collection

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Today we excited to offer a honored ancient Queen Padrium Dragon. She is just in from Haiti and have been a beloved dragon to Voodoo Clerie for over 20 years.

She commands over 900 very helpful and even friendly dragons.

She is exceptional in all ways and can even act as a leader among your spirit family. She can guide each entity in reaching their full potential!

In true form she is a small dragon who is about 20 inches long and a olive green in color...She has large expressive green eyes.  She manifests as pale minty green orbs, chirping sounds, warm sensations and can move small objects.

Info on her race.

Padrium Dragons are an energetic race of dragon that work with gray magick. They are known for being extremely protective of their keepers and make excellent companions.

Padrium dragons are mostly focused on providing the best possible protection for their keeper. They will prevent hexes and curses from entering your life and will deflect them onto their original caster!

This race is the ultimate in the banishing of harmful spirits/entities.... Any unsafe unbound will be driven away, she will even banish unbounds you are not aware of.

All curses and hexes cast onto you will be deflected before they can even come near you…. Any evil magick currently hindered you will also be removed and he will track down the person that cast it upon you and serve them their just karma. She may deliver justice by hitting them back with the same spell, delivering psychic attacks, causing loss, nightmares and more. Anyone who has ever harmed you will have to face her powerful vengeance magick!

She is excellent at reading the true nature of people. He will peak into their minds to find their true intent, if she discovers that they wish you harm he will drive them away. Only people that love you and lift you higher will be allowed into your life.

One of the best qualities of this race if their ability to alter other people’s thoughts. She can stop people from thinking negative thoughts about you, make them see you in a new light, cause them to admire/respect you, gain you the attention of potential mates, or just make them believe things that aren’t completely true.

She communicates best through emotions, pendulum, telepathy and visions.

Her current vessel is a bead.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Protection Status