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30" Stainless Steel Recharging, Boosting and Cleansing Chain - Deluxe Full Moon Energy!


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Up for your consideration is a very important tool that can bring out the best in any spirit and renew all your magickals as well. What I offer today is a charging chain that was made for any and all you spiritual recharging needs.

Placing any spirit, entity or spell can boost them by two levels!

These have just been custom cast and are now ready to be used!

These chains are a wonderful way to wear your entities or spells. The charge, cleanse and boost at the same time. This particular chain can boost your spirits, entities and spells by two levels

I have been having a hard time finding solid silver at a wholesale cost. The price of silver is high but I have been trying! The chains offered here stainless steel ball chains! They are very easy to wear and can hold many spirits, entities and spells as you need them to. They do not run out of the energy or magick, ever!

This chain offered today will not only charge their energy but can improve a spirits abilities making them stronger then ever. 

If you have any questions please feel free to email me. 

I have these ready in 30". Other sizes will be coming soon!

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