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27.559 Year Old God Sila Djinn - Extemely Powerful Wish Granter - Commands Over 1000 Djinn - For The Keeper Who Perfection!

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Today we offer a God Sila Djinn! I personally find him to be utterly perfect...His energy, his personality, and his magickal abilities are some of the best any Sila Djinn has ever had...If you seek power and wish to change your life you have found the ideal Djinn!

His commands an entire realm of Sila Djinn, including the royal court of the realm...Who he commands, you command!

His title of God is earned, not given. Only the eldest, wisest and most powerful of Djinn reach God status! God level Djinn are prized and highly coveted by practitioners. 

In true form he manifest as a 6' tall, handsome man with shoulder length dark brown hair, lightly tanned skin, and golden brown eyes. He may manifest as  human shaped shadows, herbal scents, and brightly colored orbs. However this is a shape-shifting race so he many manifest in a way you appealing, even a small animal.

He is an excellent wish granter. Each wish is granted with pure intentions and no bad karma.

This race works well with all people, especially those who want to improve their memory, their creativity, learning abilities and concentration.

The Sila Djinn is highly intelligent and very witty! His keeper will also have improved intelligence and wit. You will be on top of every situation and be admired by those who meet you.

Many writers have turned to a Sila Djinn when they need new ideas or have writers block....College students who keep this race normally get higher grades which leads to higher paying jobs.

He will see that you become more creative, better health, youth, energy, willpower, luck, wisdom, wit, charm, mental health, confidence, success, luck, extra money, new opportunities, better memory, enhanced learning abilities, protection, happiness and a lot of love. Plus so much more...He has had success in all areas of wish granting.

This tribe tends to be active, as well as interactive. Light may flicker and knocks may be heard.

He communicates by a pendulum, telepathy, emotions, dreams and visions.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

His current vessel is a nicely made ring with a purple and black stone. It's a size 11 and in good condition. 

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