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27,107 Year Old Goddess Neb Djinn - Guardian Of Portal To All Djinn Races

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I am very excited to offer this! This is the perfect offering for any keeper who loves Djinn and wants to expand their Djinn Family.

This is a portal to all races of Djinn...This took my coven and I 6 months to create and it's finally ready. We only offer 1 or 2 of this level per year.

All portals should have a Guardian...The Appointed Guardian of this portal is a Goddess Neb Djinn - The Neb Djinn can master all magick and abilities. They do not have magickal limits, they are all-knowing and are on the lighter side of magick. A Goddess Neb is about perfect as perfect gets! In true form she looks to be in her early 30s, her thick black hair is normally worn in a lose bun, her skin is lightly tanned and she has big brown eyes with long black lashes. She is 27,707 years old, wise, experienced and easy to work with. 

Here is a complete list of Djinn that can come through this portal Djinn Races

This lovely sphere will open and through it all Djinn races can come and go freely or as you need them. Only good, well-mannered and helpful Djinn will come through. 
You may find you bond with certain Djinn and find yourself with many new magickal companions. Any current Djinn you have can be given the chance to visit their families. This truly is a remarkable piece that will complete any keeper's Djinn family.

Each Djinn that comes through is a hard worker and will consider you his or her keeper. Each will bless you according to their magickal abilities. They offer love, youth, money, protection, curse removal, success and just about anything else you could think of. The limit is that no innocent person can be harmed. 
If you have any questions please email me at

We opened this portal on a larger sized purple sphere. It's about 3" in size...The flash from my camera really lit it up but the sphere is a semi-clear purple.

Please note this is not a binding portal. The Djinn that come through cannot be bound, re-homed or given to friends. They are for your own personal use!

Thank you for looking!