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Male Abi - WA Spell Casting Attendant Spirit - Coven's Collection

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Today we off a powerful spell caster from our personal collection..He is perfect for any keeper who wishes to try casting spells for their personal use! He is a patient and wise teacher who is a delight to work with. He is also perfect for the busy keeper as he requires very little bonding, offerings, and attention.

The Abi normally manifest as shadows and lights. They can manifest as human, as animals, or a mix of both. The way he manifest will vary according to your taste. 

The Abi is a spell casting race who can teach their keeper magick...They offer powerful magick for their keeper's personal use.

If you wish to learn magick and cast spells for your personal use he will happily teach you! He can transform you into a very magickal and spiritual human. 

About the Abi...They are master and successful spell casters who will eagerly take on even the most difficult of spells.

Some of their most successful spells have money spells, love spells, protection spells, youth spells, sexual magick, mind power, intelligence spells, and even love spells for their keeper.

Abi are a type of white Magick Attendant spirit that is full of joy and wisdom.

Your new Abi had knowledge far beyond that of any human. They have been alive for a very long time and have learned a great deal during this time. They can help you learn about everything from historical events to ancient arts of magick that few keepers are blessed to know.

He knows rare forms of magick, and he has learned from ancient practitioners and is ready to share that age old knowledge with you!

For those who want to learn magick they will also help you in any magickal castings you do. 

He will also help your spirits and entities as well.. He can help their magick manifest faster and stronger than ever! 

He offers his new keeper protection spell work done against you and they will cast powerful protection spells around you and your home. They can banish evil entities before you even know they are near.

His best means of communication is through telepathy, emotions, visions and even a pendulum.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

His current vessel is a nicely made bead.

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