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19,251 Authentic Cleopatra Djinn Ancient Elder Personal Server - Youth, Money, Power - SALE

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Today offer an exceptionally powerful Cleopatra Djinn!

The Cleopatra are very rare and very elite! During her life this Djinn was apart of her special spirit family and as I have learned he held a special place in her heart. Not only was he responsible for keeping her beauty he has also helped preserve her beauty so much that she will never be forgotten.

This ancient Djinn is a advance Elder level who is 19,251 years old. In true form he is God like with his perfectly muscled body, short black hair, stunning green eyes and lightly tanned skin.

He is outstanding, wise and giving. He is also personable, hard working and warm. In terms of Djinn he is perfect and he is here waiting for you.

The gifts he will bestow you are many...His ability to reverse aging and promote youth are top notch. Sings of age melt away, soft new skin will be seen and your energy will be vibrant. Anti-aging, youth and everlasting beauty has been one of his strongest abilities.

All aspects of life can be altered by him. He sees all tasks given as a challenge and tackles each one with power and enthusiasm.

He will ensure that you receive prosperity, success, wit, charm, make you memorable, sexual power and complete sexual satisfaction for you and your lover. He can make you look and feel like a sexy goddess, promote love, renew old love, seal new love, he can ignite passion within you and your lover...He can also boost a libido!

The amazing and sexy Cleopatra used these gifts to her advantage in all she did...Now you can keep and be blessed by one of her personal Djinn.

He can communicate by emotions, visions, telepathy, dreams, during meditation, and a pendulum.

His current vessel is a nicely made bead.

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