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15,515 Princess Haitian Djinn - Offered Queen Sabine's personal collection - Master Voodoo Wish Granter!

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Just in from Haiti is an outstanding Princess Haitian Djinn....She is one of Queen Sabine's longest serving Djinn over 80 Years...Queen Sabine ask we keep her price low...This price is not based on her abilities...It's based on her and Queen Sabine's wishes.

This is an authentic Haitian Djinn conjured according to Voodoo beliefs and with unique Voodoo rituals. Sabine and Clerie are the only conjurers who know how to correctly conjured this rare race of Djinn that can only be conjured on Haitian soil.

She is a Princess who commands over 150 Haitian Djinn.

In true form she resembles the photo I used...She is beautiful, youthful, and regal. She will often manifest as shadows, mists, and orbs...She can at times manifest clear enough to see her features.

About the Haitian Djinn 

This tribe is all about the magick, the pride in their magick and the culture of the magick. She is completely dedicated to her keeper and will be one of the hardest and most successful Djinn you keep.

When you need her to grant wishes just relax and burn a cone of incense while you ask her.

A Haitian Djinn should be respected by their keeper. When she blesses you with something she likes a small gift. Something small goes along way with him. A flame lit for her, incense burning for her, or some dried roots in an offering dish. As long as she is treated with kindness and given thanks she will lay the world at your feet!

What she can bring her keeper is many life enhancing blessings. Your will be blessed with guidance, happiness, love, success, enhanced psychic abilities, good health, inner/outer beauty, protection, confidence, empowerment, control, empathic abilities, wit, mind control, control over spirits, the ability to learn new things, better memory, sexual allure and many more.

She has been especially successful with wishes concerning wealth, success, and recognition.

She works well with others and is always kind. She will not scare or even make her self known to pets and family. She will always watch over pets but never scare them.

She can communicate by emotions, visions, telepathy, dreams, and a pendulum.

Her current vessel is a bead.

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