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14,088 Year Old Male Interactive Handsome Royal Phylum Harem Djinn - Passionate and Sexual Wish Granter!

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Up for your consideration is a powerful class of Djinn known as the Royal Phylum Harem Djinn.

Today we offer a excellent, active, and passionate male who is 14,088. While is a sexual entity a sexual bond is not required....However he does possess sexual and beauty magick!

In true form he is 6' tall, has short wavy black hair, an olive skin tone, hazel eyes, and a lean muscular build. He looks to be about 20 years old and will most often manifest as mists, orbs, the scent of flowers, whispers, and soft touches.

This Djinn sensual, alluring and sexy ...He can help you find more loves, returning a lost love, or helping you find your soul mate.

Info on his type and abilities...

A Harem Djinn is a positive force who is gentle, kind and personable. They have zero tolerance when it comes to evil or any negative force. Once he enters your life his first goal will be to cleanse it of all things negative. He will clear your path so all your blessings will have a clearer path to reach you.

This race of Djinn can and at your request channel sexual abilities in any manner you wish. From bringing a soul mate to boosting sex drive she can bring it.

A Royal Phylum Djinn is a skilled wish granter of unlimited wishes. They bring happiness, peace and perfect fulfillment to their keeper. They work wonderfully with families and are protective of their keeper's loved ones. They are never scary or ill mannered like some Djinn. They are Djinns who make their keepers life better in all ways. Once your bond is sealed you will live in harmony, find success, find enlightenment, gain spiritual insight, make good friends, restore lost relationships, gain a lover/lovers, possess a youthful glow, youthful energy, attract the finer things of life and have little or no worries.

He can communicate by emotions, visions, dreams, touches, sounds, telepathy, and a pendulum.

His current vessel is a nicely pendant.

Please email me if you have any questions.

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