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14,258 Year Old Male Sila Djinn - Wish Granter, Healer, Promotes Intelligence, Memory, and Aura Repair!

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Today we offer a level 7+ male Sila Djinn who is 14,258 years old...He is in his prime and is full of positivity! 

In his true form he manifests as a man in his late 30’s with dark skin, short black hair, a lean build and big brown eyes. He manifests as minor electrical disturbances, walking sounds and bright green to yellow orbs.

He is a wonderful Djinn who will please any keeper...He is very generous and is always working towards bring his keeper gifts and happiness. He is one of my personal favorites! 

Here is a list of his main abilities:

~Granting wishes

~Improving keeper’s memory

~Aiding keeper in problem solving

~Providing keeper with wit

~Enhancing intelligence

~Healing emotional and spiritual distress

~Mending broken hearts

~Cleansing the spiritual bodies

~Repairing a damaged aura

~Helping keeper learn new things

~Helping keeper find and keep life happiness

He communicates best through emotions, pendulum, telepathy, meditation and lucid dreams. 

His current vessel is a pendant.

Please email me if you have any questions.

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