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14,074 Female Norse Djinn - Brings Keeper Power and The Upper Hand In Life and Love - Amazing Djinn!

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Today I offer a powerful level 7 Norse Djinn. The Norse Tribe is a vastly talented Tribe...Each Djinn possesses their own special ability. Members of this race are gifted wish granters, and will have one ability that the excel in.

The Norse Djinn we offer today is a powerful female who specializes in giving her keeper power, especially power of mind.

She is 14,074 years old. In true form she manifests as stunning 6' tall women with long dark brown hair, tan skin, and hazel eyes. She can be seen manifest as mists and shadows...You may also see lights flicker and smell flowers or herbs.

About this race…
This race only specialized in one main ability…This Djinn was conjured to bring her keeper power. This can be power in love, power in the work place, and power over other people.

She is a Djinn who can boost your social status and help you be seen as you wish to be seen. If you wish for others to view you as confident, in control, and a leader, you have found the Djinn who can make it happen!

She us a Djinn will bless you with a natural charisma that will draw people to you!

She will give you the power, the luck and the situations that can bring many blessings...While she is strongest with power bringing wishes she can grant other wishes.

Her ability to bring power can give you success in any area of life. Success in careers, friendships and even success in winning.

She will be very respectful of you, your family, your house rules and pets.

All things negative in your life will change. She can reverse the bad and bring about renewal. Enemies will be driven away and friends will be brought in.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

She can communication by emotions, visions, telepathy, dreams, and visions.

Her current vessel is a bead.

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