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13 Fae and Elf Offering and Bonding Blend Incense - Naturally Boost Their Energy!


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I get a lot of emails from keepers asking what to give their Elves and Fae as offerings. We use a special blend that is proven to please and reward any type, level or gender of Elves or Fae.

Just one incense will help you build a faster stronger bond with your Elves and Fae.

These cones can also be used as an offering for your Elves and Fae.

I will send you 13 fabulous smelling yellow incense cones that are made and spelled just for Elves and Fae!

When used as an offering your Elves and Fae will love you all the more. He or she will be renewed with energy...More energy means more magick, communication and can aid them in manifesting!

If you love your Elves and Fae I highly suggest using strong offerings such as these cones...Let them know and feel just how much you do love him or her!

When your entities knows they are loved your life will be filled with great luck, love, power, confidence, money and other blessings.

This incense was created for all Elves and Fae types and for all ages. This also very simple to use for bonding or as an offering...Simply light a cone next to your entity. Let your entity know that this is theirs to enjoy. I will send the simple suggestions on how to use this.

Please take note...This photo is a stock photo. 

You will receive 13 high quality incense cones. On average one cone burns 10 to 15 mins.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

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