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26,685 Goddess Astral Djinn - Can Help You Astral Travel, Lucid Dream. and Improve Your Spirit Keeping Abilities - Illuminati's Collection!

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Today we offer a a Goddess Astral Djinn that was passed on to my late Grandma from the Illuminati...Being a Goddess Djinn makes her an unstoppable force of power...From the Illuminati means she is proven to be a lead, an entity that does not fail!

The title of Goddess is not a birthright...It's an earned title. Only the most powerful, most experienced, and most successful ever earn this title and their following...She commands well over 1000 Djinn! This is a living and growing court. 

Her ideal keeper will be anyone who wishes to open their inner eye, develop clear communication abilities, astral travel, time travel, lucid dream, and have an easier time bonding with their entities/spirit family. 

She is a wise and humble Goddess who is easy to work with and is not demanding. 

In his true form she is a stunning Djinn who looks to be in her late 20s...She has waist length black hair, lightly tanned skin, beautiful green eyes, and has a hourglass figure. She will most often manifest as human shaped shadows, floral or herbal scents, tapping sounds, and large shimmering white orbs.

She is an extremely gifted wish granter in all areas...However she is strongest teaching astral travel and lucid dreaming...She can guide you to other realms, times, and worlds.

Her main abilities include but are not limited to:

~Granting wishes in most areas of life

~Teaching keeper the art of astral travel

~Guiding keeper on spirit keeping

~Acting as a guide and protector during astral travel

~Promoting lucid dreams

~Helping keeper travel to other realms

~Removing negative blocks

~Attracting opportunity

~Attracting wealth and opportunities

~Attracting new people into your life

~Helps keeper gain a higher social status 

~Cleansing the spiritual bodies

~Aura and soul repair 

She can communicate best through emotions, pendulum, visions, telepathy, meditation and dreams. 

Her current vessel is a lovely silver tone pendant with small sparkling white stones. 

Please email me if you have any questions.

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