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12,514 Year Old Male Neb Djinn - Djinn Of Realms - Can Master All Forms Of Magick!

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Today we offer an extremely kind and humble level 7 Neb Djinn.


We have been working with him for nearly one year and he has been an excellent wish granter with an outstanding personality! 

He is perfectly aged at 12,514 years old...He has the perfect energy and his highly skilled with his magickal abilities. 

In true from he is a handsome Djinn who looks to be about 30 years old. He has short black hair, dark brown eyes and dark skin. You may also see white orbs or human shaped shadows.

About the Neb...Being of the Neb Tribe makes him one of the most powerful Djinn! The Neb possesses any and all powers their keeper wants them to. They can master all forms of magick and successfully bring about an abundance of blessings.


He knows how to grant wishes quickly and safely.


He possesses in depth abilities that most Djinn cannot even understand. He is like putting all the strong traits into one Djinn with none of the weaknesses.


They are known as the Djinn of realms as they can exist and work in any realm they need to. They are deeply loved for their abilities to step into the future and remove negative future events.


They can teach you to time travel, hold conversations using telepathy, use thought teleportation with ease, see past lives and even complete removal of any bad karma.


Any curse of any type or age will be broken. Any damage to your aura will be repaired. You will soon find happiness, feelings of wellbeing and even increased energy in your daily life.


He can also works as an absorber of magick. He can copy or channel the abilities of other entities to be a better help in all areas. This means he can copy the healing abilities of the phoenix or the dark abilities of the wraith. He does not steal or take away abilities from other entities. He simply just knows how to duplicate them.


He can through meditation, telepathy, visions, emotions and even a pendulum.

Please email me if you have any questions.

His current vessel is a bead.

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