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King Solomon's Goddess Lasas Djinn - Sexual Wish Granter Brings Satisfying Love Life - Interactive, Vivid, and Powerful

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Today we offer a active and passionate Goddess Lasas Djinn...She is the Djinn of youth, beauty, passion, and sex.

She commands over 1000 Djinn, including the Shiqq which is also a sexual race,

She offers her keeper more sexual interaction, attraction, passion, returning lost love, and youth/beauty magick. A sexual bond with her is completely optional.

The title of Goddess is an earned one...Only the most powerful and successful of Djinn ever earn this title. She creates miracles and will not disappoint her new keeper.

She is a gifted shapeshifter and will appear to you in whatever form is most appealing to you. She will almost as womanly shaped shadows, pink orbs, and soft touches. 

Here is a list of her main abilities...

~Granting of wishes

~Engaging in a sexual relationship with her keeper if desired

~Fulfilling all of keeper’s sexual desires

~Aiding keeper in attracting lovers

~Casting powerful beauty magick

~Helping keeper lose weight and/or gain lean muscle in the right places

~Creating powerful glamours

~Attract luck

~Discreetly guiding keeper’s lovers in pleasing you

By nature she is a sexual entity but will respect any and all boundaries you set for her. She will not become jealous of any lovers her keeper has. Your happiness will be her main priority!

Her best means of telepathy are through meditation, lucid dreams, physical sensations, telepathy, emotions and pendulum.

Her current vessel is a bead.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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